Important announcement from the Australia First Party

Australia First Party secretary Jim Saleum has made an important announcement regarding the Australia First Party’s intention to host a conference regarding the survival of European identity within Australia and the necessity for patriotic groups to open our discussion regarding the struggle against globalism to Australia’s aboriginal community. This announcement is presented here:

Australia First Calls A Special Conference For 2015:

“Australian Independence And The Aboriginal Question”

The President of the Australia First Party, Jim Saleam, in consultation with other patriotic people, has called a special conference for June 2015: “Australian Identity, Australian Independence And The Aboriginal Question”.

The conference will be a response to the present debate on a referendum for amending the Australian Constitution in respect of the “recognition” of Aborigines as the original ‘owners’ or ‘custodians’ of our Continent.

It is resolved by Australia First Party to call upon all Australian nationalists and patriots to actively oppose the question in the referendum.

However, it is further resolved that a specific approach needs to be made to Aborigines to support this position.

It is expected that this appeal to the Aboriginal peoples to resist the referendum will be a unique part of the entire referendum struggle.

In preliminary discussions amongst Australian nationalists and other patriots, it was held that the ‘recognition’ of Aborigines in the Constitution had nothing to do with and advancement of Aborigines or part-Aborigines, but everything to do with the delegitimization of the Australian state.

Jim Saleam said:

“We are nationalists and our goal is to win Australian independence from the New World Order and its globalist economy. We recognize that the legal status of Australia has been undermined in the United Nations framework idea of ‘Land Rights’. Aborigines were told that these claims were to their advantage and symbolic in ‘recognising’ their status on the Continent such that they might also advance themselves economically. We say that in truth the Land Rights framework was imposed to suggest that there was something ‘illegal’ or ‘improper’ about the claim of the Australian State to sovereignty. We suggest that once sovereignty was disputed, outside powers would respond by asserting claims for influence. They are beginning to do so in various ways and right now Land Rights itself is being reversed. What Land Rights did was to open the borders. I fail to see how any true Aborigine could accept that as any sort of good outcome, but very few have so far seen it.”

This conference will discuss a series of questions that have not been discussed by Australian nationalists and other patriots in open debate. It will discuss Australian anthropology, pre history, ancient history and Aboriginal culture. It will look at the development of a native-to-the-soil European Australian identity and our contact with the land. It should look too at the recent breakdown of Aboriginal society, the false claims of the Land Rights liberals, and the re-colonization of Australia by the global economy and the resultant challenge to Aboriginal survival.

Jim Saleam added:

“One outcome that I would seek at this conference is to develop a political line to mobilize and to otherwise support some forward thinking Aborigines in the true defence of their racial identity. I said ‘racial identity’. We cannot have Aboriginal culture without Aborigines, whether they are ‘mixed out’ or drugged out or grogged out or existence. If any appreciable number come to reject this sort of ‘cleansing’, as we do for ourselves, there is a basis for a discussion. We must therefore overcome the severe inability of our side in this debate to reach out in that direction, to explain to Aborigines that unless globalism is defeated whether in its New World Order guise, or United Nations guise, and unless Chinese imperialism is excluded from Australia and our Continental sovereignty restored, the destruction of both Aboriginal Australia and White Australia – is inevitable.’

The conference is not billed as a specific Australia First Party event and as yet no firm agenda is available. The agenda will develop as people are drawn in. because this conference must launch a key part of the Vote No campaign and must draw in wide circles. This part of the Vote No campaign must be the anti imperialist section and its message singular. It would be a campaign to preserve the two identities

We expect more to be said in he lead-up to this conference.


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The Zionist grasp on Western politics is made self evident through Abbott’s suppression of our right to free speech.

Recent events pertaining to Zionist lead atrocities in Gaza against Palestinians has lead prominent Jewish  community leaders to act in opposition to the repeal of Australia’s racial discrimination laws. The legislation in question is the so called ‘Racial discrimination act 18C’ which was one of P.M. Tony Abbott’s election promises to abolish under the premise that it would restrict the free speech of ordinary Australians.

The ABC article in regard to this recent turn of events claims that the intent behind retaining this law is so there is legitimate grounds to indict people suspected of being potential Islamic extremists. The E.Y.L. sees straight through this hogwash and acknowledge that it is nothing more than a Zionist attack against the European contingent of the Australian population. These laws are a malicious conspiracy to publicly denounce and humiliate any person willing to stand up in public and condemn multiculturalism for what it is; a genocidal scam orchestrated by the Zionist world order to desecrate our proud heritage and replace our once thriving and prosperous commonwealth with their own ideal society, namely a capitalist society with an ever expanding (non white) population.

This is the real intent behind the retention of this law. If it was really to curb Islamic extremism wouldn’t it be better to legislate against the building of mosques and mass immigration into Australia from the Middle East? Of course no one would ever try to use these laws against a non white for ‘hurting the feelings’ of a white citizen. All over the European world mass immigration from the third world is running rampant and these people are merely getting a slap on the wrist for horrendous crimes like raping native citizens of their host country. God forbid anybody deplore the horrific and often barbaric behavior of these poor wretches, that would be racist and these laws are here just so we can’t legally defend ourselves by voicing opposition to hate crimes being committed against our own people.

Evidence of the Jewish advocacy behind the campaign against the legislation’s repeal was candidly provided in a recent article on The Occidental Observer’s website.

This article which was published on August 8th 2014 provides quotes from a prominent Jewish journalist called Michael Gawenda who has stated that the law must remain in place to quell the rising tide of antisemitism. The Zionists fear that with the recent atrocities in Gaza antisemitism could potentially gain firmer footing within Australian society.

‘While Abbott said that the decision to ditch the plan to rid the Racial Discrimination Act of section 18C was taken because of “complications” in dealing with Islamic communities in the context of the proposed tough new terrorism laws, it seems likely that more was involved in this decision. The conflict in Gaza and the coverage and reaction to this appalling, heartbreaking conflagration, in my opinion, made it virtually certain that any move to change or abolish section 18C would extract too high a political price.

The repeal of section 18C was vigorously opposed by the leadership of virtually every ethnic community in the country. But it would be fair to say — without wishing to give succor to those who reckon the Jews are too powerful — that Jewish community leaders have played a crucial role in organizing the opposition to any potential change to the RDA.  It is the opposition of the Jewish communal leaders that had been of major concern to [Attorney General] Brandis and, to a significant extent, Tony Abbott’

It is an undeniable fact that Jewish leaders are very active in pushing for mass immigration and multiculturalism within Australia. One example of this is the prominent Professor Andrew Markus of the university of Monash. Andrew Markus is a research proffessor in the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation and has been quoted gloating the Jewish involvement in the dismantling of the 1901 immigration restriction act and the gradual transformation of Australia from a predominantly European nation into a multiracial one.

On the Monash university website he is credited for his advocacy of refugees and involvement in documenting the history of ‘Yiddish Melbourne’. The outcome of this research, which has received government grants, is the ‘Yiddish Melbourne’ website.

The Jewish community’s role in multiracialism and white genocide is undeniable as proven by the overwhelming number of advocates with Jewish ancestry. But isn’t it ironic that such an ethnocentric group of people such as Jews promote the loving and brotherly tenets of multiracialism and acceptance? As usual we are expected to believe that Jewish people have an inherent right, due to their victim status, to pursue the civil rights, protection and preservation for their own people and heritage  whilst Europeans are told that we are racist for wanting the same for our people.

The Eureka Youth League categorically rejects this abhorrent and suicidal line of thinking and is resolved to foster reverence and respect for our own glorious and proud heritage. European Australians have contributed astronomically greater to the history of Australia than these Zionist genocidal maniacs can ever lay claim to and we are determined to crush their lies and fly our southern cross banner under the southern skies that our forefathers fought and died for.

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Trade agreements with China over Australia’s gas supply may be creating more jobs, but for whom? And will there be enough gas for Australians?

Recent news reports indicate that Australia is now becoming one of the world’s largest exporters in natural gas. Australian gas companies are in the midst of building plants on Curtis Island off the Coast of Queensland which while creating thousands of Jobs, may actually result in an overall shortage of Gas for those on the Eastern Seaboard due to obligations made from agreements with the Chinese, sais a report in the Weekend Australian 18/01/2013.

Australia’s earnings from gas exports will double however the move has called for legislation already in place in other states which say that energy companies have to provide reservoirs for domestic gas use whilst also meeting the demands of the international market.

To address this vexed problem, Labor has adopted a strictly hands-off policy, believing market forces will come to the rescue. Ironically, the Coalition supports a domestic reservation policy as practised in Western Australia, the US and several other gas-rich countries. This means requiring industry to supply a set share of available gas resources to the local market.

Also noted from this article in the Australian that environmental groups in the U.S. are seeking legal opposition to EXIM, a funder of the Australian gas plants. These plants threaten native wildlife.

The Eureka Youth League is less concerned about a potential gas shortage on the Eastern seaboard, which is more than likely rectifiable through sustainable energy systems, as we are about major imports of foreign labour to maintain these plants.

We are more concerned for the native wildlife and natural integrity of the Curtis Island than we are for Australia raking in profits from foreign investors seeking to supply gas supplies for their own economy. The Eureka Youth League whole heartedly support introducing measures to reduce and limit immigration in order to slow the industrial process which threatens to turn our country into a smog coated landscape.

Wouldn’t we rather have an Australia known for it’s national parks and natural beauty than one which is known to deliver the goods when it comes to ensuring Asia that we can provide them with gas and other resources.

We want an Australia where each and every citizen is imbued with a sense of responsibility to not only their families but to our precious environment who’s air we breathe and water we drink. A fault with these stations could lead to a potential environmental hazard which could wipe out endangered species as seen in recent years off the coasts of South America and Alaska.

This is not to say that we are to be without industry, but we must be more concerned with sustainable energy. With all the money the government spends on refugees, couldn’t we afford to supply every Australian home with a solar panel to heat their water and provide electricity, or create wind farms before we start building more gas plants? I think if we had less immigrants and more of these policies in place we would be on the road to building a far better Australia for future generations.

The explosion of environmentally harmful measures to provide us with creature comforts like hot water and electricity come not only as a result of the greed of the global elite but also overpopulation. As mentioned previously we are fully supportive of moves made by environmental groups at home and abroad in their consideration of endangered Australian species. We are also concerned for the survival of our own endangered species who has made their home here on this continent, namely Australia’s European population.

Undoubtedly these stations will be maintained by importing labour, putting our aforementioned concerns in further jeopardy. Outsourcing jobs to foreign nations creates an attraction for investors who will reap greater returns from shares in companies who employ cheap labour. The Eureka Youth League believes in culture before commerce and cares more about the natural treasure and beauty of our unique heritage on this planet Earth. Something far more precious than any material wealth.

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January 23, 2013 · 2:03 pm

An Ode from the Flood to the Refugees

When the rains are flooding down – out the back of Bourke,
And the Barcoo’s rising fast, and you cannot get to work ,
You see the kangaroos and wallabies just swimming for dear life,
And you fall down on your knees,
Thank God the refugees are still alright!

And when you lose your family, and many friends are dead,
There’s one thought you keep, firmly in your head,
And even though you shiver, and there is no help for you in sight,
Just thank your lucky stars, the refugees are still alright.

You must keep it firmly fixed in mind for all to see,
That you are multi cultural and just love the refugee.

So you must understand there is no proper help for you,
The government is busy on refugee work too.

So hang out on a rooftop, or swim for your bloody life ,
Thank God it’s not a refugee caught in such bloody strife.

And the pain that you are bearing just bear it like a man –
Compared to a refugee, you are just an also ran.
Just don’t expect your Weetbix, or even a few oats.
The tucker must be saved, for the never ending boats ,
So keep on swimming strongly, for a hundred k’s or more –
And think of refugees, and not of getting sore!

Dorothea Magnolia – 2011

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Asianisation of Australia


Fri, 24 Mar 2000 01:00:33 -0800

There was always more to the republic than the creation of an Australian Head of State.

The National Watchman No 7 (October 1999) stated that


For those that doubted the above as dramatic it is salient to note that the Asianisation of Australia is now officially part of the mainstream media push as all Australians are educated to the ‘benefits’ of globalisation. Pulling no punches The Sydney Morning Herald’s Spectrum (Saturday March 18 2000) article ALL OUR TOMORROW’s reviewed the possible future political integration of Australian and Indonesia. Today, for the article’s author Richard Tanter, “there is a possibility of a shared future, if we can find it and face it”. For he predicts that Indonesia will invade Australia; the logical solution (for a disarmed Australia) is to coalesce now and avoid the bloodshed. The result will be “in some sense a return to the pre-imperial South East Asia in which borders mattered less”.

When Tanter’s “result” is focused upon many of the changes in the northern parts of Australia congeal into a mass of definite form. For instance hidden in his article was the following paragraph that describes the covert attempts by elements in Australia to disenfranchise “Heritage” Australians of more land rights in preparation for that eventual day.

“The Mabo case led to recognition of prior ownership of the Australian continent by its indigenous inhabitants. Building on Mabo, Australian lawyers have proposed that Australia recognise the traditional fishing rights of Indonesian fishermen from the island of Roti, near the western tip of Timor. For more than 400 years these people have fished for shark, trepang, trochus, sponges and molluscs in the shallow waters around Ashmore Reef of north-western Australia”

After giving land rights to Aborigines we are being told we must give them to Indonesians. Simply translated this is “Economic Integration” carried on by subterfuge and enforced in law courts rather than in the parliament by the politicians.

The reader will soon see, as this article progresses, that Economic Integration cannot be separated from Political Integration. What the Sydney Morning Herald makes clear is that Australia is to be joined to Indonesian and then into an Asian Economic Trading block. The Australian Heritage culture will disappear in the change.

The concerns of the Australian citizen, your concerns, will not count in the splendid vision of the elites. It is as Paul Keating made clear that “ The case for re-defining Australia as an Asian country was grounded on the assumption that economies over-rule culture in shaping the destiny of nations”. YES – ECONOMIES OVERRULE CULTURE ! In this process even the High Court is prepared to overturn fundamental legal doctrine and its own case law to achieve the results of the real ‘controllers’ of our society.

The Federal government’s is not immune from the ‘controllers’. Thus the National Library of Australia, for instance, has canceled orders for books and newspapers about Western civilisation. Simply, under the New World Order Asianisation plan, Australia is to be made ‘Indonesia literate’ in preparation for our final integration into the Asian region.

The Northern Territory, due to its close proximity to Indonesia and ‘direct’ control by Canberra, has been the first state to Asianise. John Hepworth, University of South Australia lecturer in South East Asian politics
summed up the situation. “[W]ith its long term Asian population and proximity, Darwin has become much more a minor provincial town of South East Asia than an Australian city”. (The Sydney Morning Herald, Good Weekend Magazine -22/02/1997). Our educational integration with Indonesia is well under way with the necessary educational assimilation of Australia’s young. “More than 80 percent of all primary school children in Darwin study Indonesian from the age of five”.

The University of the Northern Territory has canceled its English Literature courses, substituting Indonesia and Chinese literature, to assist their focus on the Asian region. ABC television (7/7/97) reported that the core of the English department has been sacked. The Daily Telegraph clarifies the reality of the Asianisation that has been completed in Northern Territory’s educational institutions.

“Some literary studies will still be available – through Indonesian and Chinese literature, and as components of units in such areas as Black Studies and Women’s Studies”. Hence in the future the “university will concentrate on Indonesia studies and Aboriginal studies” (Daily Telegraph 26/06/1997)

Today Indonesia is a major player in the Australian meat market. The GOOD WEEKEND MAGAZINE (Sydney Morning Herald 22/02/1997) detailed how one Indonesian family now owns 1.5% of the Northern Territory with a further 1% owned by the Sultan of Brunei. That is nearly 3% of the land area of the Northern Territory owned by Indonesian South East Asia – at a minimum. (This was detailed in only a single article after what appears preliminary research by a single reporter).

“The Sultan of Brunei now owns three of the Territories biggest cattle properties. The Sabah Government has three stations covering more than 9,000 sq km and the Sarawak Government has one. And the biggest foreign land investor in the Northern Territory is now the Indonesian Bakrie family group, following its $ 100 million plus purchase of 11 stations and 18,800 sq km of land from the Warran Anderson Tippery group in 1993”.

Tanter’s article, reviewed in the above light, makes certain the intent of many of our politician’s concealed statements on Asia. Review the following in light of Tanter’s article and thesis.

The former Treasurer and Prime Minister of Australia said in 1997 that, “”I am utterly convinced that our prosperity, our national well-being, our ability to maintain and build a good society, depends upon our courage in moving boldly to integrate our economy with the economies of Asia”.

William Hayden , former leader of the Labor Party and subsequently Governor General. “I believe that if you look at things in the span of history, and not in one man’s lifetime, we will become not just a multicultural society which seem to be a soft sort of terminology anyway, we will become a Eurasian society and we will be all the better for it” (Melbourne Age May 10 th 1983) or “It is inevitable that Australia will become an Eurasian country…. A new race will emerge; I happen to think that this is desirable” (Asia Week 19 / 8/ 1983 pp.7)

Perhaps this understanding, i.e. that the Asianisation of Australia is being planed by both major parties, is why the editor of The Bangkok Post had the confidence to say “Australians have to come to terms with the inevitability of their Asian destiny”.

Tanter can, after many years of push by Australian politicians, with confidence correctly state that “‘Indonesia’ and ‘Australia’ are today part of the same global economic system”. The ECONOMIC INTEGRATION is now accepted as a fact! “Indeed,” Tanter says, “the two countries, apparently so different, were formed by the same pressures that are still transforming the world today”.

Tanter is correct although not in his sense. The reality is that world is being transformed by an elite caste: Tanter’s “same pressures” are simply the elite caste who now have direct control over the governments of the world. Tanter is forced to ask, by the evolution of his argument and the reality of the new Australian political condition, “Is it absurd … to think about an Asian Community, or a South-East Asian Community? Already both countries are part of the stuttering Asia Pacific Economic Co-Operation (APEC) Forum”. This of course is a self answering question as the facts that Tanter provides can hardly be absurd!

The real purpose of APEC can now be seen if it is viewed as a vehicle to bring into being the primary infrastructure around which political integration into an Asian superstate can take place. Today this is under way in subtle ways. China has purchased the South Australian electricity grid. We now purchase steel from Asia. The Courier Mail, as long ago as 1992 (21/04/92), noted,”An award winning Brisbane computer software company has sold an administration package to the Australian and Indonesian defence force in a sales pitch which could link the armies of South-East Asia on one multi-million dollar computer”. Simply the future plan for the integration of Australia and Indonesia’s military forces is well in place. We do not train Indonesians soldiers just because they are our regional neighbour.

Ominously, the end result of political integration will be that Australia is governed by Asia, through APEC, or a similar body; this will be AustralAsia. With this process the creation of the AustralAsia is to follow the standard formula that was used, by the New World Order planners, for the creation of the European Economic Community.


Changes will of course have to be made to incorporate this brave new vision of the elites. One casualty must be the Australian concept of the political system. “Democracy”, says Tanter in the Sydney Morning Herald ”,in Australia as much as Indonesia, needs rethinking on the basis of shared transnational interests to regulate highly mobile capital”. Translated we must accommodate the desires and plans of the ‘elite caste’ of the New World Order.

Tanter, of course, is able to put the correct spin on this. “Yet the mobility of capital in this age of globalisation mocks and exploits the caste solidarities of nation labour. Nothing is easier than to close a factory in Wangarattta and move it to Tangerang. If we were to take things seriously in this single system, we would be looking for ways to equalise labour condition in the two places. That is already happening, but on the worst possible terms on both sides…What is needed is some frame work that will begin to allow a flow of labour to be the two parts of this single, imaginary system of “Indonesia” and “Australia”. At the same time there should develop a “leveling up” (instead of the current “leveling down”) of the political and environmental playing field in which labour is brought and sold.”

Fine words and a wonderful spin. Somehow I cannot see a mass Australian migration to Indonesia to experience their labour conditions. Thus personally this writer has more belief in the words of Neil Baird ( News Report Issue 62 Tuesday March 21 2000 – Email : [EMAIL PROTECTED]) who wrote, ” Welcome to Howard’s brave new labor world. We have started on the path to two very distinct parallel yet divergent societies – Similar to China’s Hong Kong – One Country/ Two Systems.

The workers increasingly will be rostered 12 -14 hour shifts in a 24 hour clock. The starting and finishing times of shifts will vary based on the flexible needs of the employer and not of the employee. Families will come under increasing strain and yet more will not survive, not that many are surviving now. Children will increasing rarely see one of the parents. This will lead progressively to the dumbing down of the next generation, even more than has already occurred.

The workers will increasingly be driven down into economic slavery. Real wages stagnating and then falling rapidly, once the Unions are completely emasculated. The working conditions progressively worsening until they are not much better than Malaysia… But not stopping there, until they are ultimately on a par with China, Indonesia and India. The lowest common denominator.”

While Tanter’s article is hidden in conjecture he does, finally, declare what for our politicians must be a known fact. “An Asian version of the European Economic Community would involve a great deal more than APEC’s deregulation of trade barriers…Is a new category of shared “Indonesia-Australian “citizenship inconceivable?” Nothing is to stop the jingoism that will lead us into an alliance with Indonesia for somehow, Tanter makes clear, “three decades of dictatorship and mass murder…makes it all the more important to do exactly that”.

The summary of all this is that ECONOMIES OVERRULE CULTURE and POLITICAL INTEGRATION MUST FOLLOW economic integration. But this is not the most important point. All this can only come about AFTER the removal of Australia’s current racial and political heritage. The Anglo Saxon Westminster System dominated by a Constitutional Crown. Our legal and political integration with Britain must be removed before our political and legal integration with Asia.

In the above context it is interesting to note the exploits of Mr. Jason Yat-Sen who was the ‘superstar’ of the Constitutional Convention; without his cleverness there would, today, be no republic. At the convention he was one of the few, privileged “ungrouped”; representing no particular group because of his ‘charisma’ and credentials of power.

The Sydney Morning Herald (12/02/98) reported on his last minute deal that created the Republic that was brought before the Australian people in November. Mr. Yat Sen Li’s photo dwarfed all else on the front page of Sydney’s ‘newspaper of record’. Under his photo, in an emphatic style were words, which almost credited Yat Sen Li as being the sole architect of the republic; they were “The republic Jason Li helped build”. On page four followed a second story on this amazing Asian constitution builder. This story was titled “Jason’s republican coup”.

In the last days of the Constitutional Convention the factions could not come to agreement. The last minute peace deal forged was the work of Jason; the Sydney Morning Herald described this as ‘Jason’s day’, so powerful was his role in bringing the republic about.

“One of the youngest delegates, Mr. Jason Yat-Sen Li , became a star when Mr. Turnbull incorporated his ideas for community consultation in electing a president in the winning republican model … [the day] belonged to Jason, a young man busy in the back rooms and corridors of Old Parliament House, helping to plan the future shape of the nation”.

Mr. Jason Yat-Sen Li is one Asian Australian who understands that British culture must perish for the vision of the elites, an Asianised Australia, to exist. “For Non English Speaking Background (NESB) Australians,” has said, “becoming a republic will signify an end to Australia kow-towing to British institutions and British superiority. It will mean that those who cling to the power and status of the former British empire will no longer find an official ally in the symbols of our nation…Those proud of their British heritage have
every right to be so, but they cannot use that pride as a reason for preserving the Monarchy in modern multicultural Australia. Becoming a republic is about proclaiming that Australia now belongs to [the NESB] Australians in all their diversity.” (The University of New South Wales Law Journal June 1998 V 4 No 2 P31)

With these words Mr. Jason Yat-Sen Li makes clear that the republic is integral in the Asianisaiton of Australia. Multiculturalism is but a precursor to our entry into the Asian trading block and the final handover of sovereign control to Asian forces and eventually One World Government.

The political reality that none dare say, in the age of political correctness, is this. The republic seals the fate of Australia to an Asian future; in accepting a republic Australians will have accepted their ‘Asian destiny’. This is a clear choice but clarity does not ease the burden of the understanding.

Today our politician’s multicultural dream has now met the political reality. Today Asia owns major parts of Australia, Asia own Australia’s industry and Asians occupy major portions of Australia’s cities. Our education system is now directed to our Asian destiny. Our military is linked into Asian command structures; in our next war with Asia Australians will die under Asian commanders. Everything that Asia sought in World War II and the ‘heritage’ Australians fought to prevent has been achieved in a time of peace with the aid of globalist political parties. The republic will complete the peaceful conquest. The end result must be as predicted by Tanter and endorsed by the Sydney Morning Herald : an Australia controlled by an Asian Economic Community.

Kerry Spencer-Salt B.E., LL.B (Hons)
The National Watchman
Australian Community Organisation
P.O. Box 136, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone : (02) 9360 0610

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Our Sacred Native Soil – Terra Australis

This is Australia, this is each one’s earth that is Australian, this soil is sacred now and forever for each one for whom the vision of this land resurgent ever stirs in every landscape, for each one that sees in every town and township, every house and paddock, every street and track each patch of untouched bush, each wasted acre that the greed of sheep or wheat or axe has furrowed and scarred and swept and ploughed to barrenness, for each that sees as his own body and as mighty all this land.

This is Australia, each tree and bush, each hill, each mountain, each vast plain where dust-storms ride the ancient beds of ancient seas, each headland set to face the surf, each creek, long dry, that thunders when the rains break their all-feeding benediction on the earth, each rock that carving bears or tribal myth explains, each billabong the heron’s grey reflection shows, each jungle-patch along the north-east shores, each valley and each gully where the Euro runs, each foot of earth, each stick, each grain of dust, makes, and is ever part of, each Australian.

This is Australia, this is the land whose sons and daughters are forever blind and deaf to all its mystery; this is the land barren of lovers; this is the land defiled by those whose flesh is quarried from its earth; this is the land whose sons and daughters turn their faces from it, holding always vain dreams in their small minds of their own greatness greater than it; this is the land whose children fear it, being so small and petty-mean that never in their hearts is courage great enough for them to love its beauty and immensity.

This is Australia. This is the land now raising new the spirit of its earth; this is the land that now a few do love fiercely and fearlessly; this is the land that now has found a few to call its vision from the cupboard of neglect and set it up for every man to see. This is the land preparing for those who shall acknowledge their full fellowship with every fistful of its soil, those who shall hold that soil as their own flesh, those who shall be consecrated in their loyalty.

Ian Mudie 1940 [Jindyworobak]

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The Role of a Revolutionary Youth Movement




The Eureka Youth League is the vanguard movement for the ideological, political and organisational leadership of Australian Youth.

A key feature of this concept of a ‘vanguard’ movement consists of committed Activist Members stepping forward to organise, lead, and serve Australian Youth in the struggle to reclaim the resources of Australia as their inheritance, and to ensure identity, freedom and independence, in the face of dispossession and enslavement inherent in the globalist agenda of Big Business.

Activist work is carried out in a way that steadily develops the political consciousness of youth, and an empowerment to understand the whole of society, and ultimately to replace the political traitor class rulers of the system.

To provide the necessary leadership for this to happen, it follows that members must study and really grasp the essence of Australianist ideology and philosophy. It is not enough just to be ‘progressive’ or even ‘militant’ without a depth of understanding of Australianist political theory. Depth does not mean theoretical understanding alone, although basic familiarity is essential. It means being able to interpret events from an Australianist standpoint, being able to apply this method of analysis to all sorts of struggles, situations and people. It means finding ways to advance the political awareness of youth. It means finding ways to mobilise youth into activities and actions where they can learn from their own experience the real nature of the struggle.

Knowledge must be connected to practice and this demands study and understanding of the existing conditions. It means every comrade is an active contributor, taking responsibility and being accountable to the collective. Some may have the time, capacity and opportunity to contribute more than others, but all play their part in advancing the Movement Program. In this vanguard movement there are no distinctions between Australian Youth


Another key feature of our vanguard movement is the way in which it conducts its political work amongst Australian Youth. The starting point must always be investigation, both academic and practical. In other words, listen, seek the facts – don’t just charge in with preconceived ideas.

After investigation, seek out the strengths and weaknesses of the forces involved. Sort out the tactics of struggle most likely to involve the mass of youth or people in struggle, and work to win support for this. At all times, promote unity around the main demands, be where the struggle is hardest, and encourage natural leaders from the ranks.

In the aftermath of struggle, whether successful or not, be there to assist in summing up and drawing out the main lessons from the experience. In this way, comrades can move the level of political consciousness to a higher level. This is the ‘mass line’ method of political work.


Democratic centralism is also a key feature of our vanguard movement. It is characterised by a high level of self discipline based on an understanding that the role is to advance the well being of Australian youth, and to recognise the importance of the collective, not to seek personal gains. This is fully in accord with our Australian Socialist tradition of co-operative organisation for the common good.

Decision-making is carried out through systems of democratic consultation and democratic voting. Once a decision has been made, there is an obligation on all members to carry it out. Dissenting minority views can be reserved and re-presented on a future occasion, but in the meantime, all members are expected to unite and work to implement democratically agreed decisions.


Another key feature is the attitude to the forces of the state apparatus. While making use of the limited scope of ‘legal democratic rights’ to agitate, distribute material, conduct meetings and so on, a vanguard movement also takes into account the surveillance and disruption instigated by the paid agents of the state apparatus. It should never be forgotten that many millions of dollars are pumped into spreading rumours, intercepting mail, telephone, email communications, tracking comrades, friends and acquaintances, to say nothing of outright spying, infiltrating agents and poisoning relationships, as well as blatant bribery and intimidation. Rules for conduct with State Agencies are documented in Youth Series No. 2.

An Australianist vanguard movement guards its members, supporters and mass connections as much as possible. It does not conduct all its business in public scrutiny, understanding that the ruling traitor class is not overt to fascist style repression in defence of its wealth, power and domination of society.

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